Health Care

My go-to style is well-suited to shooting with health care clients; moving quickly & treading lightly, finding common ground with anyone, and discovering the beauty in any situation.  My clients appreciate that I can work inconspicuously while creating powerful images that showcase their strengths.

Crazy Light

i love the light in Oregon’s Spring – crazy.  One minute black skys, the next, the bluest blues ever.

(the iPhone pic doesn’t do it justice …)

IACP conference & French Butchering Lesson

… just finished up an exhausting and delicious week while the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference was in town.  We’ve been a member since we worked on the Paley’s Place cookbook and it’s a wonderful collection of the best food writers, publishers and restauranteurs around.  The IACP puts on seminars and gives out awards (kudos to Lisa Schroeder of Mother’s and Mama Mia Trattoria – best restauranteur).  After a week of early morning classes, food-tourism in my own town, then late nights hanging with out-of-towners I rarely see, I had the opportunity to see something really special Sunday morning.

I was invited to see how the French butcher a pig.  My curiosity may seem odd to many, but I’m a certified carnivore, and really interested in the where & how of meat. I must have been a farmer in a previous life.  Dominique Chapolard who raises and butchers pigs in Gascony was in town for the week, and Sunday he showed a class from Camas Davis’ Portland Meat Collective how he and his brothers do it.  Adam Sappington of the Country Cat tells me it’s a totally different method that what Americans traditionally do, but hey, if it still turns out great pate’, sausage, and head cheese I’m still game!

I was lucky to have met Hank Shaw (IACP 2010 Top Food Blogger at: who was writing for his blog and asked me to send some pics to him.  You can read his great piece here

and a few photos ….

Luxe Magazine: Andy Paiko, Glass Artist

I worked with Andy Paiko on another B+W portrait for Luxe. Shooting with him creating a new piece was like a performance, for both of us.  Because the glass cools so rapidly we had to move fast and couldn’t go back and “do that again”.  So, as he dialed in the last details of the plate he was working on, I was zeroing in on “The Shot”.  It all came together in the last few frames of the shoot;  his piece was done, and I finally had the shot I was chasing down.  Thanks Andy, that was great!

Snaps from Mexico

… just got back from a very chill trip to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. It’s a neat little fishing village where a lot of Mexicans go for vacation … and a couple of gringos too.  It was 5 days of fish tacos and swimming in the ocean.

Now, it’s back to work.  There’s a couple of projects coming up that I’m really jazzed about.  A new cookbook to start shooting for, and a B+W editorial job that I’m doing, using some previously dormant cameras and film (!) Feels great to be shooting that way again, and I’ll post up about it when I edit though the project.

Stay tuned, and thanks for looking.

New Daylight Studio


Yea-Haa! After years of working in a cave, I’ve finally got some nice light. Check out the new glass door and the awesome little heater going in.

These tea photos are from the first shoot where I could work with the natural light. These will run in an upcoming feature for Imbibe.

Legacy: Year in Review Portraits

Portraits of Legacy Hospital employees

This project reminded me what a challenge it can be to do a great job on something so simple: portraits on white.  The same lighting has to help everyone look their best from all camera positions, while also keeping the tonal values in check to make the knock-outs easy. All this was accomplished at the crack of dawn on rental equipment after my gear was stolen the night before. Thank you Pro Photo Supply for the rentals!

Art Director: Mike Staudinger; First Assistant: Chris Low;  Makeup Stylist: AJ Lane.