“Off the Waffle” in Eugene

We loved meeting Omer and his team at Off the Waffle. We found them to be the most heartfelt, sincere people we’ve met in a long spell. They care so much about their food and their customers. And what they are doing is really unique. The waffles are these buttery, yeast-leavened scrumptious rectangles of deliciousness. Even plain, they’re a mindblower. But they take it to level 10 with toppings like fresh eggs and bacon, or avocado and egg. There’s a version with brie and apples–and the sweet one you’d expect with strawberries and whipped cream. Did I mention the Nutella and banana one? (Probably good you don’t know about that one. I just saved you from that double workout to burn off the calories….)

Ice Cream photography for Oregon Ice Cream’s Cascade Glacier brand

Oregon Ice Cream has a brand that is sold through scoop shops. Since there were no existing brand guides in place, we had the fun opportunity and freedom to style and shoot without any constraints at all. The feedback we got was all positive, our client loved the natural and loose styling and we love how they showcased the images in the brightly colored website.  In all, we think this was a perfect collaboration.

Ice Cream styling and photography by John Valls

Ex Novo Food and Brewery Photos

Last month we got to meet the very nice people at Ex Novo Brewing. Of course they make great beer, but they also have a menu of what I call Dude Food. Everything you’d want to enjoy with a great beer and good friends. (I could not resist the fries!) What’s also interesting is their business model which endeavors to donate 100% of their profits to charity.

American Lamb Board photos in latest issue of “Flavor and the Menu” Magazine

We’re pleased to see one of John Valls’ studio images published in the March/April issue of Flavor and the Menu magazine. It’s an industry magazine that focuses on menu trends and strategies in the hospitality and dining industry. This one was super delicious and beautifully styled by Andrea Slonecker. This image was part of a larger project featuring American Lamb in recipes with distinctive global flavors. Photo of Lamb and Hummus by John Valls commercial photographer

I miss print!

The team at OHSU Foundation produces this gorgeous brochure, led by Susie Frank, Director of Development and Communications. Onward is a is a publication for friends and supporters of Oregon Health & Science University. Every issue is beautifully written, designed and produced and John’s had an opportunity to make photos of some of the subjects. It’s always an enormous pleasure to play a part in something so substantial. You can see the entire multipage document here:

Field Trip: Cowhorn Vineyards in the Applegate Valley

No matter what, DO NOT tell anyone how beautiful it is in the Applegate Valley. I’m worried that if the word gets out, I won’t be able to afford to retire there. There is so much to admire about the burgeoning wine scene in Southern Oregon. We’ve been working on a broader photo project in Southern Oregon and a recent part of that adventure was a field trip to Cowhorn Vineyards near Jacksonville, Oregon. Deep in the Applegate Valley, Bill and Barbara Steele are cultivating about 25 acres of certified biodynamic grapes within a polyculture framework. They also have built the world’s first tasting room that meets the “Living Building Challenge”, which is the highest level certification for a LEEDS-type standard. It’s more technical that I can understand, but I understand it is the highest standard for net-zero energy use, free of toxins and materials that create pollution and has a reduced carbon footprint many times smaller than a conventional commercial building. Plus, it’s incredibly beautiful.

You can visit Cowhorn and see all this for yourself. But please, let’s keep this our little secret. 

High-Key and Backlit Bottle Shots for Loosen Bros. USA

Loosen Bros. USA is the sole U.S. importer of the wines of celebrated Riesling producer Ernst Loosen, including Dr. Loosen and Villa Wolf. We’ve been collaborating with Loosen Bros. USA on a distinctive style that helps telegraph the nature of their wine’s flavors. The lighting setup we designed for them minimizes reflections on the surface of the bottle while highlighting the delicate colors of the wine, or in some cases, the gem-like colors of the bottle itself. After Loosen Bros added a few new labels for distribution, we updated their website header image to show their entire portfolio of brands. We also styled and shot the image that would ultimately be used for case-cards and other POS materials. 


Eye Candy at Dancin Vineyards in Jacksonville

John and I have been working on a project that’s been taken us to Southern Oregon and a recent visit was to Dancin Vineyards. Because this project has a broad scope, we’ve been having loads of fun setting different objectives for each segment. One of those ideas was to make some photos that say: “I’m on a really nice picnic with some great wine.”  I was thinking something feminine, a little bit romantic, and super duper pretty. Upon arriving at Dancin and seeing their thematic labels and the Italianate architecture, it was clear this was our chance.

We brought glassware and picnic supplies, dishes and linens. Our hosts at Dancin were so incredibly agreeable, giving us full run of the picnic areas and supplying us with any and all bottles we wanted. I’m 100% delighted with how it all turned out.

Shaping a Brand Story with Photography: Boedecker Cellars

Athena Pappas and Stewart Boedecker are a winemaking team with differing ideas on Pinot Noir. Stewart likes his Pinot Noir delicate, Athena prefers a more powerful style. And therein lies one aspect of their unique brand story. In preparation for updating their website, Stewart and Athena collaborated with us on a set of photos intended to tell that story with subtlety and nuance. Additionally, Boedecker Cellars had expanding their tasting hours and wanted to showcase their added offerings to the public and wine club members. Here are a few of our favorites from the shoot. Both John and I are delighted with the photos of Athena and Stewart making tasting notes on their current wines–we think it’s the perfect expression of their partnership.

Website Updates with R Stuart & Co Wines

If you’ve ever been tasked with updating your winery’s website, you know what a hair-pulling, mind-bending, cat-hearding exercise it can be. Imagine if you could call your photographer and say, “Help me, please!” Well, this is exactly what we’re good at. With our years of experience in winery photography, we know what kind of photos are successful at promoting your brand. Furthermore, since we’re also fully versed in market positioning and visual communication, we know how to make photos that depict a brand exactly where they want to be in the market. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Rob and Maria and the team at R Stuart & Co over several years, seeing how their brand has evolved. This latest set of photos was designed to capture the various moods of their lines and update staff portraits. My favorite of this set is the high-key styled shot of the Love, Oregon wines.