Southern Oregon Wineries

We’ve been exploring what’s going on in the growing wine business in Southern Oregon, and I’ve got to say it’s fab. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say, since for now, it feels like an undiscovered treat. It’s relaxed, unpretentious, knock-out beautiful and refreshingly friendly. While I was making one day’s itinerary, I noticed I written “So Oregon” for Southern Oregon. Now I think that could be a tag line–It’s so Oregon! 


Breathing life into commodity foods with photography

When your product grows in a field and looks just like everyone else’s, what you say and how you say it matters. We were invited to make a series of images that tell the story of how barley becomes an ingredient in beer, and how the best barley makes for the best brew. Finding beauty and distinctiveness in the prosaic is one of John’s main strengths. I see a field and he sees color, light and shadow. I see a farmer and he sees a hero. It’s always fun to shoot with him as he teases out features that are just plain gorgeous when all I can see is dirt and dust.

Many thanks to our art director Jessica Bernert at Pail Design, who introduced us for this project. Jessica headed up an enormous rebranding assignment in the global malting industry.

Is your segment in need of a unique vision? Our studio excels at finding deeply personal stories that reflect your companies’ heart and soul. valls_malt_01











The Cobbler’s Children……

John and I always joke that people in the photography or communication biz rarely take the time to use their talents on themselves. That’s why we were super psyched to work with the talented people at Flint Design as they prepare to update their own website. They asked for “portraits with personality, something a little more than basic head shots.”  We had so much fun working with them to make this great set of photos at their studio. Katherine Sealy from Event Cosmetics came in to polish everyone’s look and we all collaborated on selecting clothing that looked great on their blue wall and made a cohesive set of photos. If your goals require a portraits that make you look great, give us a jingle. We can put together a shoot plan that is exactly right for you.


Can Font Restaurant

The oh-so-elegant Can Font is now open in the Pearl District. The Barcelona spin-off is getting rave reviews for its take on modern Spanish cuisine, in particular the arròs negre, the delicious squid-ink paella.  It’s great to see Spanish food gaining such popularity.







valls_can_font_restaurant_photography_16 valls_CanFont_0834