On their website, Chizu calls itself “a sushi-like experience for cheese lovers.” Last Spring, I shot images for a profile in Cheese Connoisseur Magazine and here’s one of their beautiful tasting boards.


Fun Summer Restaurant Project: Pine Shed Ribs

Teaming up with small, independent restaurants to create an image library is a ton of fun. Tasty, too. Heather Jones asked me to team up with her to flesh out some visuals for Matt & Jenn at Pine Shed Ribs and show off their crazy-good BBQ.  We shot over a couple of afternoons when the smoker was full of deliciousness, and got to experience first hand the passion that Matt & Jenn have for making the best BBQ around.  I’d suggest you go check some out too, before they sell out for the day.

Pine Shed Ribs plates of BBQ


Global Flavors campaign for American Lamb Board



MediterraneanRecently we photographed a fun campaign with the American Lamb Board. The objective for these photos was to get people to consider lamb in wider variety of meals. (Apparently lots of people mostly think of lamb as a special occasion food.) The uber-talented Andrea Slonecker styled these shots–one image each for Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean inspired meals.

On set we collaborated to make sure that the images fit perfectly for the text and the planned enormous size for these three banners. The American Lamb board was unveiling these banners as a part of their national Global Flavors “Lamb Jam Tour“.

An image library for Provenance Vineyards

Lifestyle images at Provenance Winery

Provenance Vineyards in St Helena, CA needed a complete set of marketing and advertising images for several upcoming projects. With the help of their agency, Nagy Design, they sent us a photo list that included bottle shots, interiors and exteriors of the winery, and lifestyle images of the guest experience.

Employees past and present, along with their friends were recruited as informal models. Extra planning went into making sure that the models had appropriate clothing in a range of colors. On set, we had the ability to change wardrobe for all of the models multiple times. The assignment given to the models: “Drink some wine and have a great time.”

We shot the project over 1-1/2 days in early Spring. The beautiful light of early morning and late afternoon were allocated to the outdoor shots. During the harsh light in the middle of the day we moved inside for photos of the tasting room. Bottle shots, some basic and others propped with food, were scheduled for the very beginning of the shoot prior to having the models on set.

At the conclusion of the project, Provenance Vineyards has a complete library of unique, branded lifestyle images, with plenty of variety, that they will use in marketing materials, traditional advertising and social media. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we can help you share the story of your wine brand.

Lifestyle images at Provenance Winery

What goes into a great wine bottle shot?


It looks easy, doesn’t it?

But if you’ve ever tried to photograph your own wine bottles, I’ll bet you soon learned just how difficult it is. First, there’s those crazy reflections. Every window, wall and even you with your camera reflects in the glass. And next you likely found out that to make the wine look right, the label is too bright. Or you get the label right and the whole bottle just looks blah. How about those lovely textures or foils you spent extra for? You certainly want to see all those beautiful label design features.

And then you need a clipping path. “What’s a clipping path?” you ask. That’s the feature that allows you to drop out the background and “float” your bottle shot on your brochure or your e-commerce website. Knocked out bottle shots look polished and consistent from release to release, season after season.

And beyond all that, your bottles should look beautifully natural. Your wine doesn’t taste artificial, so your bottle shots shouldn’t look that way. The highlights and reflections should be well-considered and natural looking–not plastic or cartoonish.

That’s what we think goes into a great bottle shot. Get in touch if you want to see how good your wine can look.


Congratulations, Ken Wright!

ken wright

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Ken Wright at his winery in Carlton. He’s such a modest and low-profile person. You’d never know unless you asked how many wonderful ideas and plans he has for making Carlton better. 

I’m thrilled that the Wine Spectator chose my photo for the cover, here’s a few others from the day that I really like as well.