Seasonal Recipes for the American Lamb Board

These are my favorite projects: beautiful food, creative recipes, and lots of freedom to style and shoot. For the American Lamb Board, we partner with multi-talented Andrea Slonecker who creates, prepares and styles seasonal recipes to showcase American Lamb. When we collaborate with the American Lamb Board, we’re always working to make sure we hit just the right tone for mood, tone, and approachability for their target customer.

Social media photos for Yogi Tea

Our client commissioned a set of of images to inform their social media plan. Yogi Tea’s brand story is that their teas are more than simply delicious. Each blend might have benefits such as lending energy or providing relaxation. Starting with the brand’s vision for each class of tea, our stylist built vignettes to tell a story for each blend. Some featured beautiful ingredients; herbs, fruits, seeds or berries. Others told mini stories about studying or relaxing. For 2016, Yogi Tea has a full library of beautiful and focused images to support their social media plan.



On their website, Chizu calls itself “a sushi-like experience for cheese lovers.” Last Spring, I shot images for a profile in Cheese Connoisseur Magazine and here’s one of their beautiful tasting boards.


Fun Summer Restaurant Project: Pine Shed Ribs

Teaming up with small, independent restaurants to create an image library is a ton of fun. Tasty, too. Heather Jones asked me to team up with her to flesh out some visuals for Matt & Jenn at Pine Shed Ribs and show off their crazy-good BBQ.  We shot over a couple of afternoons when the smoker was full of deliciousness, and got to experience first hand the passion that Matt & Jenn have for making the best BBQ around.  I’d suggest you go check some out too, before they sell out for the day.

Pine Shed Ribs plates of BBQ


Global Flavors campaign for American Lamb Board



MediterraneanRecently we photographed a fun campaign with the American Lamb Board. The objective for these photos was to get people to consider lamb in wider variety of meals. (Apparently lots of people mostly think of lamb as a special occasion food.) The uber-talented Andrea Slonecker styled these shots–one image each for Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean inspired meals.

On set we collaborated to make sure that the images fit perfectly for the text and the planned enormous size for these three banners. The American Lamb board was unveiling these banners as a part of their national Global Flavors “Lamb Jam Tour“.

Recipes with American Lamb

The American Lamb Board had us prepare and photograph several new recipes featuring USA lamb. Over the course of one day we styled and shot nearly half a dozen recipes including these two shown here. I liked a few of these photos well enough to incorporate them into my portfolio and I’m pleased to see these images on the American Lamb Board website. Thank you to the ever-talented chef and food stylist Ellen Jackson for her magic with the recipes.

styled recipe food dishes from the American Lamb Board