USA Pears and Ox Restaurant

Great partnerships make for great work.  Here, friends at USA Pears brought me in to create a shot with the insanely creative team at Ox Restaurant, Gabrielle and Greg Denton. The dish features their pear prosciutto, foie gras terrine, pickled chanterelles and malted white chocolate on top for good measure.  (yes, it tasted outrageously good!)

Creating the photograph together was like a performance piece: Greg ad-libbing the presentation and me quickly responding with  the lighting & camerawork. There was a “moment”, and then it was done.

And congratulations to Gabrielle & Greg for their upcoming cookbook project with Ten Speed Press – it’ll be great for sure! Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Foie Gras & Pear Prosciutto, with shaved Foie

Aviary (and shooting on white)

White on white.  Ever since I’ve been excited by making photographs, I’ve been intrigued by the tones on either end of the brightness scale; the brightest whites and the darkest backs before those tones slip off the scale and leave the rest up to your imagination of what’s there.

When I first became aware of the vivid colors and compositions that Chef Sarah Pliner deploys at Aviary, I was inspired to shoot them on the brightest white I could make, to really let the food pop.  I love that the only colors that you see are what’s in Sarah’s beautiful dishes.

beautiful plated food from Aviary Restaurant in Portland, Oregon


In Print: Mix Magazine: Davis Family Cookout & Cider Pressing in Goldendale, WA

The Davis family naturally embodies the lifestyle many of us would love for ourselves.  For them it’s all about being together, cooking together and every Fall, making apple cider together from the small orchard on their family farm in gorgeous Eastern Washington.  Just being there, photographing, and experiencing their traditions caused me to reflect and more greatly appreciate my own family and the seasonal foods that bring us together.

Link to the online story is here


Mix Magazine story about Goldendale Washington Cider Pressing cider pressings 001 (Sheet 1) cider pressings 002 (Sheet 2)


Portland Dining Month

We worked with our friends at NORTH to create this poster image for Portland Dining Month.  I loved collaborating with them to create a fantastical, whimsical image to convey the adventure that is Portland’s dining scene. We’re so psyched to try as many of these awesome restaurants as possible.  The special offer is a great way to be introduced to new places and faces.

See a listing of the participating restaurants here, then go eat!!

dining month

St Jack

Recently we we assigned ourselves a project in order to explore shooting food a little differently than in my normal approach – off the tripod and in a darker palette. Through Kristen Saladow of Chefs Table, we teamed up with Chef Aaron Barnett of Restaurant St Jack. We set aside a couple of afternoons to get creative with Aaron. We’d brainstorm ideas and then he would create dishes for us to explore. Aaron was a great partner for our experiment.  And his dishes were a perfect fit for this project since he’s interested in historically-based and somewhat offbeat French recipes, such as the squab dish we shot where the birds are presented with their heads and feet.

salmon dish by chef aaron barnett steak frites and chef aaron barnett at restaurant st jacksquab dish at restaurant st. jack


Portland Dining Month: 23 dishes in 3 days

portland dining monthI didn’t think we’d break last year’s record for speed-shooting food dishes for the Portland Dining Month website, but we did. As the annual June promotion becomes ever more popular, we’re requested to go out and shoot more Dining Month dishes for the website. The challenge of this particular project is creating a single beautiful image that conveys the menu, mood and atmosphere of the restaurant. We also worked on the main Dining Month ads. The agency, North, art directed a surreal photo-realistic composite of all the best elements of dining out in Portland.

Field Trip: Washington Apple Commission

apples apples2

The Washington Apple Commission brought me along on a press tour that included food writers. The trip was “Apples 101”.  In depth, we learned about how much care goes into growing, picking, handling and processing both conventional and organic fruit. These babies get total TLC!  Kyle Mathison, the grower show here, is the king of apples in the Wenatchee Valley.

Portland’s Fifty Licks

You know a product is made with care when it’s the same guy who invents the flavors, mixes the ingredients, serves the customers and even fixes the truck when it’s on the fritz. Chad Drazin, who founded Fifty Licks, is that guy. And he cares a lot about ice cream. We met Chad for the first time when we shot some of his awesome flavors in our studio. Part two of the project was to make some images of him with the vintage Fifty Licks ice cream truck.  Thanks to the pros at Little Green Pickle for rounding up some models and helping everything go smoothly. (They even brought sandwiches!)

feelin’ my sweet tooth

Post-holidays, I’m trying to avoid eating anything & everything in sight as I normally do.  Especially the sweets. So, I thought I’d ponder these instead of plowing through a plate full of this ridiculously rich fudge.

salty sweet peanut bars photographed by John Valls for Southern Peanut Growers

shot for Southern Peanut Growers in my studio, art directed by Amy Wood of Harvest PR and styled by Ellen Jackson