Staff Portraits at Creative Agency

A common situation we’re often asked to help sort out is, how can a business creatively photograph their employees in a way that can be added to, as the business grows? Or even changes offices?

Our answer: we came up with a snappy lighting scheme and photographed each staff member on a white background. We encouraged each person to get in touch with their inner diva and express why they love what they do at work. This set of images was for our friends at ORANGEWALLstudio.  They’re up ‘n running with this set of images, and as they grow we can come back and family in their new hires.


Chef Portraits



At Nicky’s “Wild About Game” event I’m tasked with shooting great looking food images and portraits of talented chefs.  They’re usually busy as hell and don’t want anything to do with me, so I embrace that dynamic and go for something quick and fun.


In Print: Tasting Table

When Tasting Table called to photograph Mika Paredes, Chef de Cuisine at Beast, I jumped at the opportunity. Mika is super cool, super nice and oh yeah, she has a look that I see as a beautiful combination of tough and soft. Shooting with her was going to be awesome, and I loved creating a mood through the lighting that reflected her look, her aura. You can see Mika’s recipe and the other featured Sous Chefs on the Tasting Table site here.



In Print: Fitness Magazine (and a good story about staying fit and dog-love)

What a great way to get fit, stay fit and bask in some unconditional dog-love.  My crew and I photographed Katie and Maverick for Fitness Magazine, describing Katie’s journey to a healthier lifestyle through walking and running with her dog.  I was totally envious of the fun those two were having! (I grew up with mutts, setters & a retreiver but sadly, am now dogless)  The shoot was hilarious with Maverick being totally focused on the ball instead of my direction, typical Lab!

Fitness 03, 2014



In Print: Luxe Magazine

Jeffrey Kovel, Principal of Skylab

“Architecture is the mediator between person and place,” opens Jeffrey Kovel in the Master Mavericks profile in this month’s issue of Luxe Magazine. I have so much respect for how Luxe uses black and while portraiture to convey the individual style of the people profiled in the magazine. It’s suitable for someone so distinctive. Learn more about Skylab Architecture or Luxe Magazine.

Oregon Humane Society | Brooks Rescue Dogs

blog new image of dogs

It’s a pleasure to be able to use our talents to help the Oregon Humane Society. In late January, the OHS rescued more than 100 neglected dogs from a failed rescue facility near Salem Oregon. The dogs came to OHS in terrible condition. We were given the opportunity to photograph only some of the healthier dogs–and I think you can see from these photos, what even while the body can be harmed, a dog’s spirit, is well, dogged.

We fell a little in love with every dog. Wiggly, scared, proud, curious or playful. These delightful spirits let us capture their expressions and their feelings. We hope our photos help some of the dogs find their future families. Who do you like best?

Go here for the latest news about the Brooks Rescue Dogs. And here’s the link to OSH’s facebook page.

OHS-rescue-dogs04 OHS-rescue-dogs02 OHS-rescue-dogs09OHS-rescue-dogs05 OHS-rescue-dogs06

Yoga, larger than life

Drove past these, um, tearsheets the other day and they really made me smile big. Almost as big as the images are reproduced.  Shooting in the studio with Portland Yoga Arts was incredibly rewarding, and making pictures with the charismatic Francis, the 93 year old yoga practitioner reminded me what life should be all about; mindfulness & flexibility.

exterior view of yoga studio showing large photo murals by John Valls

close up detail of large photo murals at Portland Yoga Artsclose up detail of large photo murals at Portland Yoga Arts

detail of photo mural at Portland Yoga Arts shot by John Valls