In Print: Luxe Magazine

Especially in the days of smaller magazines and fewer features, it’s always a pleasure to see your work in a big, glossy, gorgeous magazine. This from the latest issue of Luxe, the go-to resource for design, decorating, architecture and renovation.

In Print: QuarterTwenty

Portland is chock full of interesting and quirky businesses that live in the space between art and fabrication. I’ll bet Matt Beitz, who has QuarterTwenty would say there’s no difference. The way he does it, fabrication IS art. We had the pleasure of working with Matt shooting a few of his pieces for a catalog. He’s also a great guy and has helped us make some very nice photo surfaces. Thanks, Matt.

In Print: Edible Portland

The Mckibben Ranch, featured in the Winter Issue of Edible Portland is my favorite kind of assignment. When I’m asked to shoot food stories that involve innovators, handsome animals and beautiful environments I’m in my element. edible-cover

In Print: Oregon Home

I love it when I see a double truck. It’s kinda like a home run to me. This Oregon Home assignment was super to shoot with art director Sophie Goodwin.  Sophie brought all of the elements together to make the day roll seamlessly so I could explore the way this new Craftman style home unfolds; beautifully.

In Print: Ultratravel

Oregon wine and travel photos in the UK's Telegraph

Gotta just love the name, right?  Ultratravel.  Picture Editor Joe Plimmer of the UK’s Telegraph called us up to shoot a story on the food, wine & coffee scene around Oregon for their international travel mag, Ultratravel. Opening spread is pictured here.

In Print: Oregon Home

Jon Taylor Carter, art director at Oregon Home Magazine always has something fun for John to photograph. This month it was a fabulous loft in NW Portland. The article, written by Vivian McInerny describes all the quirky and fabulous details including a wall papered in book pages and a table created from an old trunk, still with the garage sale sticker attached. You can download the PDF of the article, “Creative Class” here, or you can read it online at the Oregon Home Magazine website.

interior spread from Oregon Home Magazine FeaturePortrait of homeowner Christoper Giovarelli

View of Portland Loft shot for Oregon Home Magazine

Interior detail of Oregon Loft shot for Oregon Home Magazine

In Print: Lardo for Food Arts

Lardo's specialty pig's ear sandwich photographed for Food Arts MagazineFood Arts covers the most interesting topics. Recently, they had me shoot “how to” photos for a sandwich made of pig’s ears at the food cart, Lardo. (I love Portland. The things we eat here.) The fun part was fitting me, my camera and my light alongside Rick in his tiny food cart.

And, of course I ate the sandwich. Silky and spicy and very good.

interior spread of Food Arts magazine featuring the recipe for Lardo's pig's ear sandwichstep by step instructions for making Lardo's pig's ear sandwich photographed by John Valls

Tearsheet: Oregon Home

It’s always fun to shoot with Oregon Home. They’ve always got something creative up their sleeve. In this case, a story about holiday tabletops. For two days our studio was transformed into a party that you would really want to go to. Here’s how the images looked in their book.