On their website, Chizu calls itself “a sushi-like experience for cheese lovers.” Last Spring, I shot images for a profile in Cheese Connoisseur Magazine and here’s one of their beautiful tasting boards.


Fun Summer Restaurant Project: Pine Shed Ribs

Teaming up with small, independent restaurants to create an image library is a ton of fun. Tasty, too. Heather Jones asked me to team up with her to flesh out some visuals for Matt & Jenn at Pine Shed Ribs and show off their crazy-good BBQ.  We shot over a couple of afternoons when the smoker was full of deliciousness, and got to experience first hand the passion that Matt & Jenn have for making the best BBQ around.  I’d suggest you go check some out too, before they sell out for the day.

Pine Shed Ribs plates of BBQ


Summer’s Coming: Make Plans Now

Portland is on fire, in the food world. Each week we get media requests for photos of restaurants, chefs, food & cocktails from publications and websites writing about Portland’s red-hot food scene. If you’re promoting a gorgeous outdoor space, it only makes sense to photograph it at its best. May and June are great months to photograph your outdoor space, patio dining or tasting room.
valls_nelcentro_1268 valls_nelcentro_1313

New photos: Portland’s Bamboo Izakaya

There is some sexy eating and drinking going on at Bamboo Izakaya. Their delicious nibbles are cooked over open flame on special grills made in Tokyo specially for the restaurant. The focus is on fresh flavors and interesting textures–all matched for drinks or cocktails. We photographed the exotically stylish restaurant this winter shortly after they opened on NE Alberta. portland-restaurant-bamboo-1 portland-restaurant-bamboo-2

USA Pears and Ox Restaurant

Great partnerships make for great work.  Here, friends at USA Pears brought me in to create a shot with the insanely creative team at Ox Restaurant, Gabrielle and Greg Denton. The dish features their pear prosciutto, foie gras terrine, pickled chanterelles and malted white chocolate on top for good measure.  (yes, it tasted outrageously good!)

Creating the photograph together was like a performance piece: Greg ad-libbing the presentation and me quickly responding with  the lighting & camerawork. There was a “moment”, and then it was done.

And congratulations to Gabrielle & Greg for their upcoming cookbook project with Ten Speed Press – it’ll be great for sure! Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Foie Gras & Pear Prosciutto, with shaved Foie

Aviary (and shooting on white)

White on white.  Ever since I’ve been excited by making photographs, I’ve been intrigued by the tones on either end of the brightness scale; the brightest whites and the darkest backs before those tones slip off the scale and leave the rest up to your imagination of what’s there.

When I first became aware of the vivid colors and compositions that Chef Sarah Pliner deploys at Aviary, I was inspired to shoot them on the brightest white I could make, to really let the food pop.  I love that the only colors that you see are what’s in Sarah’s beautiful dishes.

beautiful plated food from Aviary Restaurant in Portland, Oregon