Can Font Restaurant

The oh-so-elegant Can Font is now open in the Pearl District. The Barcelona spin-off is getting rave reviews for its take on modern Spanish cuisine, in particular the arròs negre, the delicious squid-ink paella.  It’s great to see Spanish food gaining such popularity.







valls_can_font_restaurant_photography_16 valls_CanFont_0834









Cocktail Program for Hilton Brands


How fun it was to travel to Chicago to work with Hilton’s mixologists to photograph new cocktail recipes. The recipes capture the latest trends in cocktails, for instance, boozy afternoon teas or drinks made inside a smoking chamber. Over four days we propped, shot (and tasted, of course) more than 60 distinctive drinks.

valls_hilton_cocktails_05  valls_hilton_cocktails_01




Field Trip: Production Photos for Nancy’s Yogurt in Springfield

Who doesn’t love Nancy’s yogurt? I think every Oregonian worth their tie-dyed rainbow tee-shirt has heard the legend of the Kesey family and their adventures. It’s good that some things stay the same.

We’re working with Nancy’s and their branding team as they refresh their look. We’re sworn to secrecy, but watch for exciting changes to the look of their branding and packaging.






Local Chefs Feature Food-Friendliness of Oregon Wine



OWM-2017-case-card-Jason-RieslingEach year the Oregon Wine Board celebrates Oregon Wine Month with a richly detailed promotional campaign. This year’s campaign highlights the food-friendliness of Oregon wines. We were excited to be a part, capturing photos of some of our favorite chefs in photos that play off food and wine pairings. Besides being just being generally awesome, all these chefs are at restaurants from the Oregon Wine A-List Awards, which recognizes restaurants around the world enthusiastic about Oregon wine.

Our creative partners at the Oregon Wine Board were as much fun and enthusiastic as our chef subjects. It was our joint assignment to figure out to how to share the essence of the personalities along with the environment. I think the passion comes across, too. And of course, we got to dig in to all the lovely dishes at the end of each session.

R Stuart & Co Sixth Annual Crab Feed

rstuart2 001 (Sheet 1)






rstuart2 004 (Sheet 4)

rstuart2 002 (Sheet 2)

rstuart2 003 (Sheet 3)

valls_rstuart43What a fun night! For six years, the lovely people at R. Stuart Wine & Co have been hosting an annual crab feed at their winery. This was our first time, but I overheard the talk around me, it’s clear that this is a party that’s hotly anticipated all year long.  We feasted on fresh crab, drank yummy wines and enjoyed the delightful company of Rob and Maria and other R Stuart fans. I also heard that the volunteer servers and helpers were mostly students, headed up by Rob and Maria’s son, Ben, who were all raising money for a trip to build houses in Nicaragua.

Our Studio










valls_sheltersolutions_065Last year we designed and built our workspace, taking advantage of Portland’s infill zoning, which let us put a full, legal residence next door to where we live. It’s been a game-changer for John and I. While traffic and congestion have been stacking up all around Portland, we’re feeling all zen here at the compound. It’s a joy to step over at night if one of us is feeling creative. Alternatively, it’s nice to head “home” for lunch or to take a yoga break in the middle of the day. Our cat, Bootsie, loves to come visit or simply peer in the windows from his spot in the garden.

The two-story space, which has a full kitchen, has been terrific for food shoots. With both East and North light that we can control, it gives us every kind of lighting mood that we could possibly ask for. The area that would be the “garage” is stuffed with our props and backgrounds, (and maybe a motorcycle or two). If you’d like to visit and see our space, give us a shout.