Ex Novo Food and Brewery Photos

Last month we got to meet the very nice people at Ex Novo Brewing. Of course they make great beer, but they also have a menu of what I call Dude Food. Everything you’d want to enjoy with a great beer and good friends. (I could not resist the fries!) What’s also interesting is their business model which endeavors to donate 100% of their profits to charity.

Breathing life into commodity foods with photography

When your product grows in a field and looks just like everyone else’s, what you say and how you say it matters. We were invited to make a series of images that tell the story of how barley becomes an ingredient in beer, and how the best barley makes for the best brew. Finding beauty and distinctiveness in the prosaic is one of John’s main strengths. I see a field and he sees color, light and shadow. I see a farmer and he sees a hero. It’s always fun to shoot with him as he teases out features that are just plain gorgeous when all I can see is dirt and dust.

Many thanks to our art director Jessica Bernert at Pail Design, who introduced us for this project. Jessica headed up an enormous rebranding assignment in the global malting industry.

Is your segment in need of a unique vision? Our studio excels at finding deeply personal stories that reflect your companies’ heart and soul. valls_malt_01











Field Trip: Production Photos for Nancy’s Yogurt in Springfield

Who doesn’t love Nancy’s yogurt? I think every Oregonian worth their tie-dyed rainbow tee-shirt has heard the legend of the Kesey family and their adventures. It’s good that some things stay the same.

We’re working with Nancy’s and their branding team as they refresh their look. We’re sworn to secrecy, but watch for exciting changes to the look of their branding and packaging.






Cuba Portrait

portrait of cuban farmer with thick glasses and straw hat

Today I’ve been rooting around the archives in order to put together a special subject portfolio. This gentleman’s expression, for some reason, makes me feel calm and happy. It’s interesting to think that something simple, like a picture, can change your mood.

Branding Images for Great Western Malting with Pail Design

valls_greatwesternmalting_0940 valls_greatwesternmalting_0249








valls_greatwesternmalting__1435  valls_greatwesternmalting__1746

valls_greatwesternmalting__1782 Another dream project: Who knew that one of the world’s finest malt producers is right in our own backyard? Of course we all know about the great beer producers in the Northwest. But what we forget is that every brewer needs great ingredients. Great Western Malting supplies some the best-known brewers worldwide. We had the opportunity to work with Jessica Bernert at Pail Design whose firm was responsible for Great Western’s Global rebranding effort. I’ve only seen snippets of the results so far, but it’s clear that Pail has taken Great Western’s brand from so-so to spectacular. Anyone in the beverage business who needs branding or design talent should certainly explore working with Pail.

Truffle Fest 2017






Each year, Oregon hosts a Truffle Festival at which guests learn about, eat and enjoy Oregon-grown truffles in all kinds of preparations. By far, my favorite part is the truffle hunting dogs. This year we photographed the panel discussions and celebration dinner at Youngberg Hill. Last year, Angela Estate hosted this group for the truffle hunt in the woods near their vineyards.