Poolside Cocktails with Hilton Global

Colorful photos of Hilton Poolside cocktails

Our team of three headed out to Ft Lauderdale this Spring to photograph poolside cocktails. Our client, Flavors of Hilton, masterminds each and every aspect of the guest experience in food and beverage in the Americas. For this project, pool bars were the focus. Mai Tais, Zombies, Spritzes and Breezes, every part of the cocktail has a quality and aesthetic standard. And, you know….cocktails.

Cocktail Program for Hilton Brands


How fun it was to travel to Chicago to work with Hilton’s mixologists to photograph new cocktail recipes. The recipes capture the latest trends in cocktails, for instance, boozy afternoon teas or drinks made inside a smoking chamber. Over four days we propped, shot (and tasted, of course) more than 60 distinctive drinks.

valls_hilton_cocktails_05  valls_hilton_cocktails_01




Branding Images for Great Western Malting with Pail Design

valls_greatwesternmalting_0940 valls_greatwesternmalting_0249








valls_greatwesternmalting__1435  valls_greatwesternmalting__1746

valls_greatwesternmalting__1782 Another dream project: Who knew that one of the world’s finest malt producers is right in our own backyard? Of course we all know about the great beer producers in the Northwest. But what we forget is that every brewer needs great ingredients. Great Western Malting supplies some the best-known brewers worldwide. We had the opportunity to work with Jessica Bernert at Pail Design whose firm was responsible for Great Western’s Global rebranding effort. I’ve only seen snippets of the results so far, but it’s clear that Pail has taken Great Western’s brand from so-so to spectacular. Anyone in the beverage business who needs branding or design talent should certainly explore working with Pail.