Nostrana Restaurant’s Maialata on Saveur

Maialata is a traditional Italian celebration of all things pig related and Nostrana’s Maialata is epic.  The famed butcher Dario Cecchini comes from Italy and shares stories and his lifelong experience in butchery.  It’s a wonderful day full of cooking demos and wine drinking, capped off with a pork intensive family style meal in Montinore Estate’s wine cellar.  Read about it here on Saveur and make plans to come next year.

Ice Cream photography for Oregon Ice Cream’s Cascade Glacier brand

Oregon Ice Cream has a brand that is sold through scoop shops. Since there were no existing brand guides in place, we had the fun opportunity and freedom to style and shoot without any constraints at all. The feedback we got was all positive, our client loved the natural and loose styling and we love how they showcased the images in the brightly colored website.  In all, we think this was a perfect collaboration.

Ice Cream styling and photography by John Valls

American Lamb Board photos in latest issue of “Flavor and the Menu” Magazine

We’re pleased to see one of John Valls’ studio images published in the March/April issue of Flavor and the Menu magazine. It’s an industry magazine that focuses on menu trends and strategies in the hospitality and dining industry. This one was super delicious and beautifully styled by Andrea Slonecker. This image was part of a larger project featuring American Lamb in recipes with distinctive global flavors. Photo of Lamb and Hummus by John Valls commercial photographer

In Print: Gluten Free Forever magazine

cover of GFF magazine

inside spread of GFF article on Troy McLarty of Bollywood Theater

spread inside GFF magazine article

spread of Destination Portland


I’m super excited to see our photos in the current issue of Gluten Free Forever magazine. These were both such fun projects to work on. First, a story featuring Troy McLarty of Bollywood Theater fame, and another travel story highlighting all the terrific gluten free offerings in Portland. You can learn more about the magazine at the GFF website. With dozens of locations to visit, some of the highlights for me were The Broth Bar, New Cascadia Bakery, Ground Breaker Brewing, and Harlow. And it was nice to see our superstars, Imperial and Ox mentioned as well. Portland, Oregon is truly headquarters for all kinds of great food.