In Print: Jason Ball Interiors in Portrait of Portland Magazine

I’m a firm believer that a great collaboration leads to great photographs. Collaborating with interior designer Jason Ball always pushes me to be my best. When someone who curates a space asks for an image that encompasses all that they were imbuing into a design, there’s a pretty high standard to meet.

Jason’s gorgeous kitchen design ran in the equally luscious Portrait of Portland Magazine.  You can see more of Jason’s stunning design work at Jason Ball Interiors.


Taylor Electric Building Site

The Taylor Electric site was a great opportunity to shoot outside my normal milieu. Just like any interiors or architectural project, I found myself responding to the light and space and the super-saturated colors in the clear light of early Spring. I’ve always been attracted to locations like this. Shooting in this broken, unused space took me happily back to my college days, except that this time I wasn’t chased off by security guards.

These images were conceived as huge-scale prints that may one day hang inside a future building on this same location.

johnvalls_taylor_electric01johnvalls_taylor_electric04 johnvalls_taylor_electric02 johnvalls_taylor_electric05 johnvalls_taylor_electric03 johnvalls_taylor_electric07 johnvalls_taylor_electric06

In Print: Oregon Home

Main spread of feature for Oregon Home shot by John Valls

When I win the Powerball, I’m going to have Jason Ball come over to my house and pick out all brand new furnishings for me. In the interim, I’ll settle for admiring his work. Here are some lovely interiors he designed featured in Oregon Home Magazine. Jon Taylor Carter of Oregon Home Magazine is the creative force behind this photo shoot.

We have really come to enjoy working with Jason Ball and his colleague, Emily. I’m trying to think of more excuses just to hang out with them.

If you’d like to see the entire feature written by Lucy Burningham, you will find it at the Oregon Home website.

In Print: Oregon Home

I love it when I see a double truck. It’s kinda like a home run to me. This Oregon Home assignment was super to shoot with art director Sophie Goodwin.  Sophie brought all of the elements together to make the day roll seamlessly so I could explore the way this new Craftman style home unfolds; beautifully.

Interiors for Henry Brown


Henry Brown is a great interior designer. His rooms are off the hook.  As I was shooting these recent photos for Henry, I remembered that he was, in part, responsible for my start in commercial photography.  About 12 years ago, I tagged along on a big production shoot of Henry’s work.  When the “real” crew vacated the perfectly styled rooms, I was given the chance to make some photos for myself.  With that early portfolio in hand, I landed a full-time assisting gig, which led to, well … here.
Thank you, Henry!