I miss print!

The team at OHSU Foundation produces this gorgeous brochure, led by Susie Frank, Director of Development and Communications. Onward is a is a publication for friends and supporters of Oregon Health & Science University. Every issue is beautifully written, designed and produced and John’s had an opportunity to make photos of some of the subjects. It’s always an enormous pleasure to play a part in something so substantial. You can see the entire multipage document here:

The Cobbler’s Children……

John and I always joke that people in the photography or communication biz rarely take the time to use their talents on themselves. That’s why we were super psyched to work with the talented people at Flint Design as they prepare to update their own website. They asked for “portraits with personality, something a little more than basic head shots.”  We had so much fun working with them to make this great set of photos at their studio. Katherine Sealy from Event Cosmetics came in to polish everyone’s look and we all collaborated on selecting clothing that looked great on their blue wall and made a cohesive set of photos. If your goals require a portraits that make you look great, give us a jingle. We can put together a shoot plan that is exactly right for you.


Cuba Portrait

portrait of cuban farmer with thick glasses and straw hat

Today I’ve been rooting around the archives in order to put together a special subject portfolio. This gentleman’s expression, for some reason, makes me feel calm and happy. It’s interesting to think that something simple, like a picture, can change your mood.

Staff Portraits at Creative Agency

A common situation we’re often asked to help sort out is, how can a business creatively photograph their employees in a way that can be added to, as the business grows? Or even changes offices?

Our answer: we came up with a snappy lighting scheme and photographed each staff member on a white background. We encouraged each person to get in touch with their inner diva and express why they love what they do at work. This set of images was for our friends at ORANGEWALLstudio.  They’re up ‘n running with this set of images, and as they grow we can come back and family in their new hires.


Chef Portraits



At Nicky’s “Wild About Game” event I’m tasked with shooting great looking food images and portraits of talented chefs.  They’re usually busy as hell and don’t want anything to do with me, so I embrace that dynamic and go for something quick and fun.