Tempranillo for Two in the Umpqua Valley

John and I so enjoyed capturing the photos to go along with this wine travel story that focuses on the Umpqua River Valley region. We’ve photographed Abacela before, but this time we were able to shoot some lovely landscapes at dusk with our drone. We visited so many interesting wineries and met the loveliest people. The writer captured the personalities and qualities of the region–giving plenty of reason to take the trip. Here’s the link to Margarett Waterbury’s article on the Travel Oregon website.scenic view of Abacela vineyards near Roseburg

Nostrana Restaurant’s Maialata on Saveur

Maialata is a traditional Italian celebration of all things pig related and Nostrana’s Maialata is epic.  The famed butcher Dario Cecchini comes from Italy and shares stories and his lifelong experience in butchery.  It’s a wonderful day full of cooking demos and wine drinking, capped off with a pork intensive family style meal in Montinore Estate’s wine cellar.  Read about it here on Saveur and make plans to come next year.

American Lamb Board photos in latest issue of “Flavor and the Menu” Magazine

We’re pleased to see one of John Valls’ studio images published in the March/April issue of Flavor and the Menu magazine. It’s an industry magazine that focuses on menu trends and strategies in the hospitality and dining industry. This one was super delicious and beautifully styled by Andrea Slonecker. This image was part of a larger project featuring American Lamb in recipes with distinctive global flavors. Photo of Lamb and Hummus by John Valls commercial photographer

I miss print!

The team at OHSU Foundation produces this gorgeous brochure, led by Susie Frank, Director of Development and Communications. Onward is a is a publication for friends and supporters of Oregon Health & Science University. Every issue is beautifully written, designed and produced and John’s had an opportunity to make photos of some of the subjects. It’s always an enormous pleasure to play a part in something so substantial. You can see the entire multipage document here:

Breathing life into commodity foods with photography

When your product grows in a field and looks just like everyone else’s, what you say and how you say it matters. We were invited to make a series of images that tell the story of how barley becomes an ingredient in beer, and how the best barley makes for the best brew. Finding beauty and distinctiveness in the prosaic is one of John’s main strengths. I see a field and he sees color, light and shadow. I see a farmer and he sees a hero. It’s always fun to shoot with him as he teases out features that are just plain gorgeous when all I can see is dirt and dust.

Many thanks to our art director Jessica Bernert at Pail Design, who introduced us for this project. Jessica headed up an enormous rebranding assignment in the global malting industry.

Is your segment in need of a unique vision? Our studio excels at finding deeply personal stories that reflect your companies’ heart and soul. valls_malt_01











Superbite Branding by This Design


Screen grabs of design work by This Design for Superbite a Portland restaurant

Some of you know that I’m an avid cyclist. I’m a decent rider, and when I ride alone, I know how well I do. But the times that I cycle alongside a great rider, I’m better. It’s the collaboration that elevates us both. With a good riding partner I’m smoother, better, more aware. That’s a bit what it was like to work with Denis Kegler and the team at This on a project for Greg and Gabby Denton’s Superbite. The clarity of their ideas combined with their vision of the end result, elevated my work and made it more precise and effective.