Hazelnut Growers Processing Facility in Donald, OR

Last Fall, I went out to document the brand new Hazelnut Growers processing facility in Donald, Oregon. The facility utilizes state of the art steam pasteurization, which is a growing standard for many export markets. The 120,000 square foot facility services more than 180 growers in the state with a total economic impact of more than 250 million dollars. Plus, it’s a great looking place.

In Print: QuarterTwenty

Portland is chock full of interesting and quirky businesses that live in the space between art and fabrication. I’ll bet Matt Beitz, who has QuarterTwenty would say there’s no difference. The way he does it, fabrication IS art. We had the pleasure of working with Matt shooting a few of his pieces for a catalog. He’s also a great guy and has helped us make some very nice photo surfaces. Thanks, Matt.