valls_sheltersolutions_065Last year we designed and built our workspace, taking advantage of Portland’s infill zoning, which let us put a full, legal residence next door to where we live. It’s been a game-changer for John and I. While traffic and congestion have been stacking up all around Portland, we’re feeling all zen here at the compound. It’s a joy to step over at night if one of us is feeling creative. Alternatively, it’s nice to head “home” for lunch or to take a yoga break in the middle of the day. Our cat, Bootsie, loves to come visit or simply peer in the windows from his spot in the garden.

The two-story space, which has a full kitchen, has been terrific for food shoots. With both East and North light that we can control, it gives us every kind of lighting mood that we could possibly ask for. The area that would be the “garage” is stuffed with our props and backgrounds, (and maybe a motorcycle or two). If you’d like to visit and see our space, give us a shout.