Grand Central Baking Book

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Chocolate cake transports me back to my best birthday memories. A good photo can do just that: communicate an experience. This half eaten chocolate cake takes me right back to playtime and birthday parties.

Shooting with art director Nancy Austin for the Grand Central Baking book was a great opportunity to expand on the classic, highly-styled food photograph. The images are earthy and real and are filled with a crunchy regional vibe that is characteristic of Grand Central Baking and co-authors Piper Davis and Ellen Jackson.

The 10-Speed Press book debuts in October.

Metropolitan Home


A year after sending in my book, I got a call from Photo Editor Cathryne Czubek at Metropolitan Home to shoot a garden designed by Andrea Cochran. I was totally fired up to shoot for them, a magazine I always found very inspirational. Can’t wait to see it out in print, although it will probably be a year or more!

Black Enterprise Magazine


A good portrait is one of my favorite challenges. There’s so much to think about. Figuring the shot, building rapport and coaxing out the “moment” while at the same time working with the light, timing, and keeping out distracting elements. To top that off, there’s an art director somewhere with his or her requirements, too. In this case, a double page spread.

It’s hard enough to figure out what I want from the photo, but add to that high winds, harsh light and that exaggerated off-center layout. Here’s my answer: plenty of negative space for copy on the left side and a strong vertical element anchors the subject on the right side of the spread.

Country Living Magazine, Ashland Oregon


While shooting a travel story in Ashland (where it seems it’s always 100 degrees) for Country Living, the writers & I went up into Lithia Park.  There we saw this ridiculously cute kid chilling out in the stream.  Mom was nearby, chatted with us and allowed me to make a few quick portraits.

Cuba images at PNCA, October 19


Six of my large-scale Cuba photographs will be on display at PNCA beginning on October 19, 2009. The six images center on the topic of childhood and rural life in Cuba. The work is part of an ongoing personal project. When you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by & check them out.

Cheap Eats for Food & Wine: The Helvetia Tavern


A hamburger at the Helvetia Tavern is practically as big as your head. You’ve got to commit to get through the entire burger plus fries. It’s the massive burgers along with great beer that makes this quirky spot popular with locals and cyclists looking for a major refueling. Food and Wine Magazine was writing about chef’s favorite cheap eats, so they sent me out to illustrate the piece. And yeah, the burger was killer!

Tuna at the Oregon Coast


I can’t imaging a tougher way to make a living than commercial fishing. Unrelenting loneliness, long hours, and a whole lot of risk. I’ve come to admire Mark Newell pictured here. At a time when we hear about how “broken” the world’s fisheries are, Mark’s fishing practice is entirely sustainable.

These photos ran in a story for Edible Portland about Oregon Albacore Tuna.

Dave Allen: Gang of Four


This assignment was somewhat a departure for me. For one, a post-punk rock musician is stylistically a bit different than a well-mannered, white coated chef. Also, the tight (basement!) quarters were a little snugger than what I’m used to.

A wider lens, harder light and some groovy gels give this portrait a little more “edge” befitting the subject.

Luxe Mag & the pleasures of shooting B+W


When I went to Martha Pfanschmidt’s studio for Luxe Magazine, I knew the image would run full page, B+W.  Which was great, since I really miss the process of shooting specifically for black and white. Before digital, switching to black and white film forced you to reinterpret the setup in a new way.  In this instance, knowing it would run B+W, I set up a strong composition that simplified the environment into graphical elements. I like how the image reflects her unfussy nature and the old school equipment of the printmaking machinery.

Interiors for Henry Brown


Henry Brown is a great interior designer. His rooms are off the hook.  As I was shooting these recent photos for Henry, I remembered that he was, in part, responsible for my start in commercial photography.  About 12 years ago, I tagged along on a big production shoot of Henry’s work.  When the “real” crew vacated the perfectly styled rooms, I was given the chance to make some photos for myself.  With that early portfolio in hand, I landed a full-time assisting gig, which led to, well … here.
Thank you, Henry!