Luxe Magazine: Andy Paiko, Glass Artist

I worked with Andy Paiko on another B+W portrait for Luxe. Shooting with him creating a new piece was like a performance, for both of us.  Because the glass cools so rapidly we had to move fast and couldn’t go back and “do that again”.  So, as he dialed in the last details of the plate he was working on, I was zeroing in on “The Shot”.  It all came together in the last few frames of the shoot;  his piece was done, and I finally had the shot I was chasing down.  Thanks Andy, that was great!

Metropolitan Home


A year after sending in my book, I got a call from Photo Editor Cathryne Czubek at Metropolitan Home to shoot a garden designed by Andrea Cochran. I was totally fired up to shoot for them, a magazine I always found very inspirational. Can’t wait to see it out in print, although it will probably be a year or more!

Country Living Magazine, Ashland Oregon


While shooting a travel story in Ashland (where it seems it’s always 100 degrees) for Country Living, the writers & I went up into Lithia Park.  There we saw this ridiculously cute kid chilling out in the stream.  Mom was nearby, chatted with us and allowed me to make a few quick portraits.

Cheap Eats for Food & Wine: The Helvetia Tavern


A hamburger at the Helvetia Tavern is practically as big as your head. You’ve got to commit to get through the entire burger plus fries. It’s the massive burgers along with great beer that makes this quirky spot popular with locals and cyclists looking for a major refueling. Food and Wine Magazine was writing about chef’s favorite cheap eats, so they sent me out to illustrate the piece. And yeah, the burger was killer!