About John Valls Studio

About John Valls Studio


JOHN VALLS STUDIO specializes in capturing the nuance and beauty of food. From farm to fork, with clients running the gamut of the restaurant and winery world. From white linen exposures plated by Beard award winning chefs, to urban exposed-rafter restaurants filled with handcrafted cool, all the way to the farms and vineyards that supply these restaurants with artisan delicacies, John Valls Studio specializes in capturing every part of the food cycle. John and Theresa are John Valls Studio. Whether they are working in the studio or in the field, Theresa unites the necessary elements for the perfect moment and John captures it flawlessly.


John shoots all forms of culinary exceptionalism. Upstart restaurants, renowned chefs, wineries, agencies and publishers have all relied on his honed intuitive sense to help discover every project’s true purpose. His vast experience in the studio and in the field help mold his client’s concepts, creating something unforgettable with each photograph.

John approaches every setting and every shoot as an idealist. Where some see a market, John sees an blossoming array of color and spectrum. Where some see an entree, John sees a collaboration between ingredients and chef. He thrives at translating clients’ vision of the perfect image into reality.


Theresa is the planner, logistician and concept creator and project driver.  From beginning to end, Theresa guides clients with a savvy, informed approach to deadlines and budgets, all in the name of producing an exceptional end result. From forks to timeframes, vendors to vanilla beans, Theresa finesses the details for every project, a focus that comes from her understanding the minutia matters.