In Print: Gluten Free Forever magazine

cover of GFF magazine

inside spread of GFF article on Troy McLarty of Bollywood Theater

spread inside GFF magazine article

spread of Destination Portland


I’m super excited to see our photos in the current issue of Gluten Free Forever magazine. These were both such fun projects to work on. First, a story featuring Troy McLarty of Bollywood Theater fame, and another travel story highlighting all the terrific gluten free offerings in Portland. You can learn more about the magazine at the GFF website. With dozens of locations to visit, some of the highlights for me were The Broth Bar, New Cascadia Bakery, Ground Breaker Brewing, and Harlow. And it was nice to see our superstars, Imperial and Ox mentioned as well. Portland, Oregon is truly headquarters for all kinds of great food.

In Print: Luxe Magazine

Luxe Magazine calls me frequently to shoot their Stylemakers series and I absolutely love the process of creating them. It’s a half-day crash course on the region’s notable artists: learning quickly what makes them unique; scouting shoot locations to tell their story, and ultimately creating a personal/emotional space for them to really shine.

And then I cull the experience down to one beautiful black and white image that runs full page.  Doesn’t get any better than that, in my opinion.

This shot is of Michael Pratt and Reta Larson of Pratt & Larson, the country’s leading tile design house.


In Print: Jason Ball Interiors in Portrait of Portland Magazine

I’m a firm believer that a great collaboration leads to great photographs. Collaborating with interior designer Jason Ball always pushes me to be my best. When someone who curates a space asks for an image that encompasses all that they were imbuing into a design, there’s a pretty high standard to meet.

Jason’s gorgeous kitchen design ran in the equally luscious Portrait of Portland Magazine.  You can see more of Jason’s stunning design work at Jason Ball Interiors.


In Print: Food Arts Magazine

 Last Fall, Food Arts magazine featured Castagna and Chef Justin Woodward in its annual Menu Preview issue. What a treat it is to photograph such well-considered food in an incredibly beautiful space. And what sad news to hear that after 25 years, Food Arts is no more.


In Print: Charles Smith in Wine Spectator Magazine

Last Spring the art director at Wine Spectator called me to shoot Charles Smith of Charles Smith Wines, K Vintners and other brands. She reached out to me for their feature because she was confident I could handle Charles’ larger-than-life personality and still come home with the goods. He’s an ex-concert promoter with a bit of a wild side. Over two days in Walla Walla, we shot Charles and his team in four locations, including his home cellar and brand new tasting room. The tasting room is a gorgeously renovated historic building with spectacular light and really cool steel walls. Shooting Charles was a bit of a challenge. I understood that he wasn’t going to let me push him too hard, but rather, I needed to be intuitive about how to let him “lead” but still get the kinds of images that I wanted to make. My favorite of these is the portrait with the steel background. It’s graphic and arresting–like the man himself. Total dream assignment.


charles-smith2 charles-smith1