Poolside Cocktails with Hilton Global

Colorful photos of Hilton Poolside cocktails

Our team of three headed out to Ft Lauderdale this Spring to photograph poolside cocktails. Our client, Flavors of Hilton, masterminds each and every aspect of the guest experience in food and beverage in the Americas. For this project, pool bars were the focus. Mai Tais, Zombies, Spritzes and Breezes, every part of the cocktail has a quality and aesthetic standard. And, you know….cocktails.

“Off the Waffle” in Eugene

We loved meeting Omer and his team at Off the Waffle. We found them to be the most heartfelt, sincere people we’ve met in a long spell. They care so much about their food and their customers. And what they are doing is really unique. The waffles are these buttery, yeast-leavened scrumptious rectangles of deliciousness. Even plain, they’re a mindblower. But they take it to level 10 with toppings like fresh eggs and bacon, or avocado and egg. There’s a version with brie and apples–and the sweet one you’d expect with strawberries and whipped cream. Did I mention the Nutella and banana one? (Probably good you don’t know about that one. I just saved you from that double workout to burn off the calories….)

Ex Novo Food and Brewery Photos

Last month we got to meet the very nice people at Ex Novo Brewing. Of course they make great beer, but they also have a menu of what I call Dude Food. Everything you’d want to enjoy with a great beer and good friends. (I could not resist the fries!) What’s also interesting is their business model which endeavors to donate 100% of their profits to charity.

Can Font Restaurant

The oh-so-elegant Can Font is now open in the Pearl District. The Barcelona spin-off is getting rave reviews for its take on modern Spanish cuisine, in particular the arròs negre, the delicious squid-ink paella.  It’s great to see Spanish food gaining such popularity.







valls_can_font_restaurant_photography_16 valls_CanFont_0834









Cocktail Program for Hilton Brands


How fun it was to travel to Chicago to work with Hilton’s mixologists to photograph new cocktail recipes. The recipes capture the latest trends in cocktails, for instance, boozy afternoon teas or drinks made inside a smoking chamber. Over four days we propped, shot (and tasted, of course) more than 60 distinctive drinks.

valls_hilton_cocktails_05  valls_hilton_cocktails_01




Local Chefs Feature Food-Friendliness of Oregon Wine



OWM-2017-case-card-Jason-RieslingEach year the Oregon Wine Board celebrates Oregon Wine Month with a richly detailed promotional campaign. This year’s campaign highlights the food-friendliness of Oregon wines. We were excited to be a part, capturing photos of some of our favorite chefs in photos that play off food and wine pairings. Besides being just being generally awesome, all these chefs are at restaurants from the Oregon Wine A-List Awards, which recognizes restaurants around the world enthusiastic about Oregon wine.

Our creative partners at the Oregon Wine Board were as much fun and enthusiastic as our chef subjects. It was our joint assignment to figure out to how to share the essence of the personalities along with the environment. I think the passion comes across, too. And of course, we got to dig in to all the lovely dishes at the end of each session.

Superbite Branding by This Design


Screen grabs of design work by This Design for Superbite a Portland restaurant

Some of you know that I’m an avid cyclist. I’m a decent rider, and when I ride alone, I know how well I do. But the times that I cycle alongside a great rider, I’m better. It’s the collaboration that elevates us both. With a good riding partner I’m smoother, better, more aware. That’s a bit what it was like to work with Denis Kegler and the team at This on a project for Greg and Gabby Denton’s Superbite. The clarity of their ideas combined with their vision of the end result, elevated my work and made it more precise and effective.