Who better to explore styling and shooting meat than with the author of Seared to Perfection? Lucy Vaserfirer contacted me a few weeks ago, offered the idea of collaborating on some styling and photography. It struck me as a great idea especially since I’ve been wanting to play around with shooting raw meat. Uncooked meat is, um…. different-looking than a cooked dish and I wanted to find a way to shoot it so that it looks beautiful and interesting.

Lucy turned out to be a fun collaboration partner–she is equally accomplished in cooking as well as styling. Plus I got to taste some incredible compound butters that she brought along to finish the cooked and styled steak.  It was great to do some creative work with no client to please or clock to punch. We styled and shot and ate some great foods and in the end I’m satisfied to come up with a couple great shots that I’ll definitely put in my next portfolio.

A big shout out to Lucy Vaserfirer. Check out Lucy’s blog, Hungry Cravings or her book Seared to Perfection.  I’ll be looking forward to the next time we shoot together.